Chop Shop

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VILLAGE MEATS FEATURED IN TWIN CITIES METRO Posted by the Twin Cities METRO Staff in their article CHOP SHOPS: Got a hankering for some old-fashioned wieners—the kind Grandpa Bob used to buy? Here’s a place that’ll make the old guy proud. Village Meats, a charming throwback to the 1950s, offers some seriously fine smoked and cured meats—like said old-fashioned wieners and spicy turkey sticks (there are beef ones, too, if you must)—in addition to a sprawling case filled with fresh cuts of short ribs, fresh-from-the-farm chicken, marbley ribeyes and boneless, butterflied pork chops. There are a dozen or so other choices, so your biggest problem lies in deciding which ones to try. The butchers are very helpful and don’t make the selection [...]